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If you have a wordpress site, ask yourself these questions: 

Do you get tired of constantly updating the plugins and other updates?
Are you backing up your website regularly or at all?
How is your security on your Wordpress website?

We will host your website, but our hosting is a lot more than just storing your website files, plugins, and code. We also provide the security, backup and updating solutions for one simple monthly fee.

Wordpress is a great platform, we love it! Over 74,000,000 websites are using WordPress. That is 19% of all the Worlds websites! With a platform this popular, hackers also love WordPress. The reason hackers love WordPress is that many people don’t keep their WordPress website plugins and WordPress core updated, this leaves a huge hole for hackers to get into your site, and do all sorts of not-fun things! Most hosting providers just give you a place to store your WordPress files, and then it is up to you to keep your site secure, updated, and backed up.

The problem is, most people don’t do this. 

Our Wordpress Hosting Plus includes:  


WordPress security piece of mind

Our hosting includes a licensed version of the best possible WordPress security plugin available. Wordfence uses a constantly updated Threat Defense Feed. This is a Web Application Firewall that stops you from getting hacked. Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly in the event your site is compromised. Our Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your website. A deep set of additional tools round out the most complete WordPress security solution available.


backups.jpgWe keep your website backed up

We also include a licensed version of the the very powerful Backup Buddy backup plugin. We setup the site to be automatically backed up on a regular schedule. We backup the database every week and we do a whole site backup twice monthly. The backups are stored locally on the host and sent remotely to an external server. In the unlikely event your site needs to be restored, we can get a previous version of your website and database up in no time.


updates.jpgUpdates are key to a healthy WordPress site

In order to keep your website plugins and WordPress core updated, we install Sync on your site. Sync is a plugin that allows us to remotely update your website without having to login. At a quick glance, we can see if you have any plugins out of date or if your WordPress core is in need of updating. Updates usually occur a few times per week.


WordPress hosting requires a user login to your site with admin permissions. We need admin access in order to keep your site up to date, backed up, and secure. Don’t worry, we wont modify your pages or posts. 

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