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What is the status of your website? Is your website being backed up and is it secure?

Is your navigation easy to navigate? Can people clearly understand your message and find your content? Sign up for a FREE Website Assessment.

Sign Up for a FREE Website Assessment Today. No Cost Or Obligation. Let's talk about your website.

What is the status of your website?

Your website is the front-facing entity of your business. It is like the front of your office from the street. You go out of your way to look professional to the world because YOU represent your business.

We Will Perform The Following Assessments and Much More:

Website Usability?

We will analyze your website usability from a clients' perspective - Is your navigation easy to understand and navigate? Is your content easy to find? How is your website search function?

Look And Feel?

As superficial as it sounds, how does your website look? We will analyze your look and feel and look at your website from a clients' perspective. Your website can attract clients are repel them depending on how it looks. 

Mobile Friendly?

We will check to see if you have a mobile friendly website. Having a mobile friendly website is basically a necessity these days as at least 1/3 of your visitors are visiting your site on a mobile devices.

SSL Certificate?

We will check to see if you have an SSL certificate on your website. Google has increasingly put pressure on website owners to have an SSL certificate in order to ensure their sites are visible without a security warning.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the assessment take?

Typically under an hour. After we have our initial discussion about your website, we will begin the assessment and get back to you typically the following day. We can then discuss and follow-up questions you may have. 

How many people will be handling the assessment?

Usually 1 person. You will be discussing the website assessment questions and results with the staff member that will be performing the assessment.

Is this Free. Are there any obligations or strings attached?

No, none at all. This is a 100% free process. After our assessment, we will present to you our findings and you are under no obligation to do business with us.

This is a No-Strings offer. Don't miss out!

"Our new site has all of the features we wanted, without the headaches and the expense."

“When we decided to completely overhaul our website, we knew it was going to be a huge undertaking. After completing this project, I can honestly say I don’t know how we would have accomplished it without Mike and the Envision IT team. Mike was able to take our plans and ideas and turn them into exactly what we were looking for. Our previous site’s platform was a proprietary school software that was incredibly limiting and expensive. Our new site has all of the features we wanted, without the headaches and the expense. While we are absolutely thrilled with the functionality and aesthetics of the new site, the highlight of this project has been the timely and efficient customer service we have received. No more waiting days to get a call back. Mike and Envision IT have made managing our school site a pleasure."

Cathy Garber
Director of Communications
Albuquerque Academy
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