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Have you outgrown your current IT support company?

Tired of dealing with slow computer consultants that nickel and dime you for everything they do?

Maybe its time to try another IT company.

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Backups, security, servers. Let us handle your network while you focus on your core business. 


Reliable, on-site support is provided by uniformed consultants in our EnvisionIT company vehicles. 


24/7 monitoring allows us to proactively head off any network issues, resulting in substantial cost savings and less downtime. 


For less than the cost of a single new hire, you'll have access to our Network Operations Center and our experienced team of consultants and technicians. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do computer networks need to be managed?

Computers are just like cars. If you don’t change the oil, change the filter, rotate the tires, flush the transmission, and perform other regular maintenance on your car, it will eventually break down and cost you FAR MORE to repair than the cost of basic maintenance. On a computer network, certain maintenance checks need to be done daily (like virus updates and spam filtering), weekly (like system backups and a spyware sweep), monthly, quarterly and yearly to prevent and mitigate problems like hardware failure and data loss.

Do you outsource your helpdesk?

We provide our own in-house helpdesk and make sure the folks helping you are certified, friendly and helpful. We consider this one of the most important aspects of customer service. Plus, we feel it’s important to keeping your data secure.

Why do you insist on remote monitoring?

Our remote network monitoring system watches over your network to constantly look for developing problems, security issues and other problems so we can address them BEFORE they turn into bigger problems or worse, technology disasters.



"Their level of customer service is extraordinary"

“We contracted with Envision IT Solutions in the Summer of 2014 and have been smooth sailing ever since! Their level of customer service is extraordinary as they don’t stop until their client is satisfied. They have an excellent service ticket request program that aligns customers with the next available IT consultant rather than waiting for a company assigned consultant to be available. Still, our assigned consultant is usually first on the case and he’s amazingly talented in his position. EITS has a very strong staff base which guarantees that all IT issues are addressed in a timely manner by experienced IT professionals."

Laurie Firor
Principal Landscape Architect – Consensus Planning, Inc.
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